CNC Machinery: The Key to Survival and Growth for Small Businesses in South Africa

The growth of the manufacturing sector can have a significant impact on South Africa by creating jobs, contributing to economic growth, increasing export earnings, fostering technological advancement, diversifying the economy, and developing skills. This is significant in fueling small business growth.

“Many of the machines that Unicam South Africa supplies are used to produce items that are exported.”

CNC routers are versatile machines that can be used to produce a wide range of products, from furniture to signage, making them a valuable asset for small businesses looking to expand their product offerings.

By supplying other businesses with CNC machines, Unicam can help create more manufacturing capacity in South Africa, which can increase the production of goods and services, leading to economic growth.

Furthermore, we encourage entrepreneurship through the provision of our CNC machines to help create new businesses and employment opportunities that contribute to the growth of South Africa’s economy. Depending on the sector, customers can see an ROI within 6 months.

This entrepreneurship drive will lead to the creation of innovative products and services, which can help diversify the economy and make it more resilient to external shocks, and address the high levels of unemployment and inequality in South Africa.

Unicam not only supplies the customer with the machinery but also oversees the installation of the machines, training the operators, training customers in producing the G-Code that runs the machines, and training customers in CAM software to convert drawings into G-Code. Once the customer is producing, Unicam continues to service the machines or does additional training as per the customers’ requirements.

Unicam South Africa is a company that has been providing CNC and automation solutions to the local industry since 2016. During this time, they produced industrial machines such as:

  • Heavy Industrial CNC Routers for cutting wood, aluminium, plastics, and composites.
  • Aluminium machining stations for producing aluminium window profiles, and canopy profiles.
  • Oscillating knife cutting systems for cutting foam, rubber mats, and gaskets.
  • Aluminium “Part Makers” produce parts such as brackets for Solar Panels, Hinges, Components for mounting Window frames and Door Frames, and Custom production machined parts. All from aluminium profiles.
  • Auto feed cut-off saws.
  • Steel cutting routers for cutting reference faces onto machine frames.
  • Automation upgrades for Milling machines and lathes
  • Automation of mining safety net production process.
  • Rotary cutting of packaging equipment parts.
  • CNC production of custom rifle stocks.
  • The Skorpio, is a Single phase router that plugs into a 15 amp plug. It has a half-sheet bed (1250 x 1250) and a steel frame. This little machine can really do some work.

Small businesses in South Africa can benefit greatly from investing in CNC machinery such as CNC routers, which can help to automate and streamline manufacturing processes.

With the use of a CNC router, these small businesses in South Africa can achieve a high degree of precision and accuracy in their manufacturing processes, which can lead to increased productivity and cost savings.